Bicoastal Collective: Chapter 6 (OA2 Records) 2023

In the classic baritone/trumpet quartet format the collective explores new textures, funky grooves, and lush harmonies. New wine in old bottles is the best adage for the collective’s interpretation of this classic setting. The new additions to the Bicoastal family are New York Cities stalwarts Trifon Dimitrov on electric bass and Joe Abba on drums and percussion.  Sound Clips and Ordering BC6 coming soon

Bicoastal Collective: Chapter 5 (OA2 Records) 2017

With the fifth album from their decade-long collaboration, the Nova Scotia-based trumpeter and Bay-Area baritone saxophonist are at their most ambitious. With eight new large ensemble compositions for a big band that includes friends and colleagues from their days at the University of North Texas, they further solidify a captivating musical partnership that restlessly pursues new vehicles for their compositions and musical visions. Sound Clips and Ordering BC5

Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Four (OA2 Records) 2014

While retaining the thoroughly modern post-bop aesthetic they cultivated over their first 3 recordings, the Nova Scotia-based trumpeter Paul Tynan and baritone saxophonist Aaron Lington from San Jose, CA, decided to tackle the hard-bop organ band format for their latest. Joining them on 7 original compositions are guitarist Jake Hanlon, organist Tony Genge, and drummer Terry O’Mahoney. Through their composition and improvisation, the Bicoastal Collective creates engaging and passionate music. Sound Clips and Ordering BC4 

Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Three (OA2 Records) 2012

Canadian trumpeter Paul Tynan and California-based baritone saxophonist Aaron Lington let out the stops for an unabashed blowing session on their third recording of the Bicoastal Collective series. Veering from the sweeping, conceptual suites on the former volumes, the duo combines with a powerful quartet of improvisers from across North America (thus “Bicoastal”!) for a set of dynamic and inspired originals. Sound Clips and Ordering BC3

Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Two (OA2 Records) 2010

Chapter Two finds the ensemble in a quintet setting exploring improvised music inspired by the British Isles. England’s eastern coast folk melodies and their treatment in composer Ralph Vaughn Williams’ early 20th-century works are adapted by Lington into his suite, The Ravenspurn Collection, and Tynan adds three compositions to the recording with two inspired by his own Irish roots. With a purely North American jazz aesthetic, the Collective here gives new life to ancient voices. Sound Clips and Ordering BC2 

Bicoastal Collective: Chapter One (OA2 Records) 2009

The Bicoastal Collective is a select grouping of musicians from across the U.S. and Canada, culled from friends and colleagues. The set of ten original swinging and far-reaching compositions stretches the sonic possibilities of the 10-piece band to imply a big band while maintaining an organic, improvisational small group feel. This is the first installment of what should prove to be an interesting and entertaining story. Sound Clips and Ordering BC1 

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