The Bicoastal Family

The Bicoastal Collective has had a lot of fantastic musicians swell its ranks. As the family grows, so will the list. Live performances are listed as “LP”, while recordings are listed as “BC”.


Aaron Lington (San Jose, CA) – Co-leader, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Clarinet – LP, BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4, BC5, BC6

Bobby Selvaggio (Cleveland, OH) – Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Alto Clarinet, Flute – LP, BC1, BC5

Steve Jones (Lubbock, TX) – Alto Saxophone, Clarinet – BC5

Dave Lown (Dallas, TX) – Tenor Saxophone, Flute – BC5

Tom Luer (Los Angles, CA) – Tenor Saxophone, Flute – LP, BC1

Marcus Wolfe (San Jose, CA) – Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet – BC5


Paul Tynan (Antigonish, NS) – Co-leader, Trumpet, Flugelhorn – LP, BC1, BC2, BC3, BC4, BC5, BC6

Jason Levi (Las Vegas, NV) – Trumpet, Flugelhorn – BC5

Ken Edwards (Dallas, TX) – Trumpet, Flugelhorn – BC5

Daniel Matthews (Denton, TX) – Trumpet, Flugelhorn – BC5

Micah Bell (Tyler, TX) – Trumpet, Flugelhorn – BC5

John Worley (Mountain View, CA) – Trumpet – LP, BC1


Paul Compton (Stillwater, OK) – Trombone – BC5

Carl Lundgren (Denton, TX) – Trombone – BC5

Alex Dubrov (Denton, TX) – Trombone – BC5

Josh Brown (Dallas, TX) – Bass Trombone – BC5

Wayne Wallace (San Francisco, CA) – Trombone, Wagner Tuba – LP, BC1


Mike Scott (Fullerton, CA) Guitars – LP

Noel Johnston (Dallas, TX) Guitars – BC5

Jake Hanlon (Antigonish, NS) – Guitars – LP, BC4

Corey Christiansen (Logan, UT) – Guitars – BC3

Scott Sorkin (San Jose, CA) – Guitar – LP, BC2

Kevin Brunkhorst (Antigonish, NS/Sioux City, IA) – Guitar – LP, BC1


Brian Ho (San Jose, CA) – Hammond B3 – LP

Josh Hanlon (Denton, TX) – Piano – BC5

Dahveed Behroozi (San Jose, CA) – Keyboard – LP

Tony Genge (Victoria, BC) – Hammond B3 – LP, BC4

Dave Staples (Halifax, NS) – Keyboard and Piano – LP

Dan Murphy (Chicago, IL) – Rhodes – BC3

Stefan Karlsson (Denton, TX) – Piano – LP, BC1


Trifon Dimitrov (NYC/Bulgaria) – Bass – BC6, LP

Mike Luzecky (Denton, TX) – Bass – BC5

Tom Easley (Halifax, NS) – Bass – LP

Ashley Summers (Chicago, IL) – Bass – BC3

John Shifflett (San Jose, CA) – Bass – LP, BC1, BC2


Joe Abba (NYC) – Drums and Cymbals – BC6, LP

Terry O’Mahoney (Louisville, KY) – Drums and Cymbals – LP, BC4

Tom Roach (Halifax, NS) – Drums and Cymbals – LP

Jon Deitemyer (Chicago, IL) – Drums and Cymbals – BC3

Jason Lewis (San Jose, CA) – Drums and Cymbals – LP, BC2

Stockton Helbing (Dallas, TX) – Drums and Cymbals – LP, BC1, BC5

Liner Notes: 

Scott Yanow (Los Angles, CA) – BC1

Neil Tesser (Chicago, IL) – BC2

Robert “Doc” Morgan (Houston, TX) – BC3

Peter Hum (Ottawa, ON) – BC4

Paul Tynan and Aaron Lington – BC5

Executive Producers:

Edward Porter (Houston, TX) – BC5

Andrea Bacon (Beacon, NY) – BC5

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