BC5 is in the can!

We fooled ’em again! After a week of sweat and tears (the good kind) BiCoastal Collective; Chapter FIVE is fully recorded and mixed.  We just landed studio legend, Phil Bulla at Platinum Production (7 grammy noms!!!) is NYC to master. The good news keeps rolling in.

Here are some quotes from musicians in the band about the session.

“What a session. I can’t thank Paul Tynan and Aaron Lington enough for asking me to be a part of this project. Everybody I met and played with are of the highest quality. It’s a great feeling when musicians you don’t know treat you as a brother and with respect and bring you into their community.” – Bobby Selvaggio – lead alto

Everyone in the BiCoastal Collective BC5 band is insanely talented…Paul [Compton] sounds so incredibly good on this album. He’s the best lead trombonist I’ve ever played with, and that’s no offense to all the other guys I’ve been in bands with. It’s just mind-blowing how good he is. – Josh Brown – Bass Bone

I just returned from a week in Dallas recording an absolutely incredible big band album…it is going to be amazing! – Jason Levi – lead trumpet

We’d like to welcome you to join the BiCoastal Collective on Face Book when you get a chance. We’ll post updates, samples, and pictures there.